Dr. David Sweeting  graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with a thesis on electric arcs. He has broad experience in manufacturing (Brown Boveri), Supply authority (Sydney County Council) and consulting to mainly large consumers.He has run his own high voltage-consulting firm since 1989, is an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia, a senior member of IEEE, a member CIGRE and a member of Consult Australia. He has published 70 papers and has 3 patents on a range of topics. Dr. Sweeting is currently (a) A member of the Standards Australia Committee EL34 and an IEC working group on Power Quality, (b)A member of the IEC working groups on short circuit currents (c) A visiting professor at the University of Wollongong (d) A member of the IEEE/NFPA Technical Advisory Committee (e) Arc Flash Collaborative Research and Testing Project.