Full Day Tutorial   (Tuesday, 30th October, 9 – 6pm)

Everything you wanted to know about fault studies, but were afraid to ask. This seminar will teach how to perform manual and computer calculations to determine fundamental frequency voltages and currents during short circuits on electric power systems. Topics covered include:

• Impact of short circuits on power systems. Relevant factors with respect to power system stability, reliability, power quality and protective relaying.
• Use of per unit systems and comparison with physical units.
• Short circuit levels in MVA or kA.
• Fundamentals of symmetrical components and their application in analysis of short circuits.
• Sources of data for short circuit calculations.
• Manual calculations of short circuit currents and voltages.
• Impact of rotating machines on short circuit calculations.
• Overview of applications of short circuit studies such as protective relaying calculations, circuit breaker ratings, voltage sag studies, and ground grid design. Detailed discussion of applications is not included due to the large variety of applications and extensive content of each application.
• Uses and abuses of fault studies.

The short circuit computer program ASPEN OneLiner will be used as an example of a computer tool for short circuit analysis. However this is not a training seminar on the use of ASPEN OneLiner.


Charlie F. Henville, P.Eng., President, Henville Consulting Inc.

Charlie Henville is a specialist in electric power system protection. After a thirty-year career with BC Hydro, he retired in 2005 from the position of principal engineer. He now runs his own consulting company in power system protection. Charlie is well experienced in training engineers in power systems. He is adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin and the University of BC, and has presented training courses to working engineers world wide. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and a past recipient of APEGBC’s President’s Award for professional service. For a more detailed resume, please visit: